Lingerie Buying Guide for Men


If you are looking to buy a fantastic gift for your partner, why not present her with something that could also be great for you. Buying erotic and sexy lingerie is the best gift you can give your partner. There are not many men who can resist the temptation of a woman in sexy lingerie. Most men don’t realize, but every woman dreams of surprising her partner with sexy lingerie sometimes.

Unfortunately, many men are too shy to enter a lingerie store and buy erotic lingerie. If you are one of these men, there is no need to worry. In this lingerie buying guide for men, we will teach you some basic things about buying erotic lingerie. First some lingerie terms.

Different Types of Lingerie

Negligees – Basically, negligees is a term used for every item of lingerie that looks similar to a dress. They come in short or long lengths length. Shorter negligees will be better if you’re looking for a sexy night. However, make sure you still consider her size before making a choice. Something too loose or tight will look awkward.

Babydolls and Chemises– Babydolls/Chemises have always been popular as sexy lingerie. They start tight around a woman’s breasts, become looser as they go down and stop just under the buttocks. Most baby dolls are see-through. They not only turn you on, but also turn out to be comfortable for your partner. They are a good first selection as they are looser fitting.

Corsets– are tight fitting garments that usually accentuate the busts and upper body and come in various types boning etc. It’s about reshaping the body, creating a seductive slimmer waist, exposing more of the bust and looking more elegant overall. These need to be sized carefully ie bust size, waist and perhaps should be left to a later order if you are not confident on sizing. There are size guides on the website for the various designers to make it easier to select sizing.

Teddies – Teddies look fantastic. They are comfortable and act as instant turn-ons. Teddies look similar to one-piece swimsuits and are available in many different styles including See-through, G-string, Push-up etc.

Bra Sets – If you are buying erotic lingerie for the first time, bra and panty sets which come in many different styles for every size and body type are a good option; however, you need to have the right sizing.

Stockings – As much as we talk about sexy lingerie, the discussion will be incomplete without any mention of stockings. Believe it or not, every man dreams of watching his lady in stockings as he lifts her skirt up. Stockings with Garter belts are even better turn-on. Stockings are usually sized like dresses small (S), medium (M) large (L) etc.

Bodystockings – These generally cover the whole body with lace and are generally see through with some having openings for play time. Sizing similar to stockings and are an excellent option for first time buying.

Why buy online?

Many men are shy to enter a lingerie store and feel intimidated by the lingerie sales assistants. Even if they do, they are not sure about what to purchase and can make wrong decisions in haste. However, this does not mean that you have to stop yourself from buying sexy lingerie for your partner. You can easily buy lingerie online. This way, you do not have to be shy and can take your time in making a selection. There are many guides on Mary’s Secret Boutique website to help you with sizing.

You can also spend an evening with your partner and browse Mary’s Secret Boutique to let her choose what she wants.

One of the most important things to understand is that you have to choose an appropriate size. Therefore, it is important to pay proper attention to your woman’s body shape and check her size on her clothes or bra. Keep reading our lingerie buying guide for more great information.

How to find measurements & sizing without her knowing

If you don’t know her size it is best to take a look at her bra and panties drawer. Size is the most important when buying lingerie for your partner. Alternatively ask some subtle questions regarding her size. Still can’t get the measurements, then an alternative to bra and panties is a looser style of lingerie like a chemise or babydoll. These are normally based on dress sizes or O/S i.e. one size. Mary’s Secret Boutique gives you a lot of help in size selection with access to guides and dress converters etc. on each product page.

When shopping for a gift, think carefully about what your partner likes. What colours suit her? What suits her personality? What style would she like, practical, playful, sexy or adventurous?

If you would like to try something new and playful it may be best to add this to something you know she will like. Later on you can order something a little more daring.

However, it doesn’t matter whether you buy the perfect style of lingerie in her favourite material and colour, if the size isn’t right, then it is a waste of time. Buying the wrong size could cause some angst with your partner if it is too small or too large. So try to get it right, however, all is not lost, Mary’s Secret Boutique has a no hassle return policy and we can exchange for wrong sizes or choices – please see our Returns Policy.

Size guidelines and measurements differ between different countries ie even with the same number for size. Mary’s Secret Boutique has lots of luxury lingerie sourced from top designers in Europe and USA and we usually keep the sizing in the country of origin and provide a converter to make it easy to convert the size to any country. This saves double conversions and allows access to the designers measurements see Size Guide

Bra fitment guide

The numbers that make up a bra size are:

Band Size – the measurement of the rib cage directly below the breasts (this can be in millimetres 70, 85 etc. or a number like in Australia 12, 14 etc.).

Bust Size – the measurement around the body and breast at its fullest point. This is not usually labelled on the bra itself.

Cup Size – the measurement of the volume of the breast, calculated from the difference between the bust size and the band size. Sizing is given in letters, ranging from the petite AA through to the far more buxom G. Note the numbers mean different sizing for different countries. However, not to worry we can convert to measurements from any country with the available converters online.

Together the two sizes, number and letter, combine to give the size of a 12B, 14C for Australia (older Australian sizing was in inches 34B etc.). Most bras are adjustable to allow some flexibility in the band size.

Underwear (panties)

Underwear measurements are much easier to understand for men than bra measurements because they are displayed in a way similar to men’s clothing. Measurements are given in easy to understand letters, just like men’s clothes, ranging from XS (extra small) through to XXL (extra extra large) and sometimes 1X, 2X and beyond for larger women. A numeric system used with dresses is also sometimes used and men may not be familiar with this. It normally ranges from 6 (the smallest) through to 28 (the largest). These two different systems of underwear measurement are used interchangeably and below is a guide chart that compares numeric underwear sizes between different countries.

Dress Size Comparison

Our lingerie buying guide final advice

After reading this lingerie buying guide for men, you should now understand the basic terms and lingerie sizing. Make sure you have a good idea of the sizes that you will actually need ie bra size and panties/dress size.

After following this easy to understand lingerie buying guide, you should now be ready to take the plunge and order some sexy lingerie online for your partner that you will both enjoy.

If you would like some more advice, our experienced and friendly Customer Service staff at Mary’s Secret Boutique are always here to help.

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