How to Fit a Corset


How to Fit a Corset? Choosing the right corset size is the single most important element to get right sizing is based on waist measurement and desired reduction.

Corsets and bustiers are intended to trim your waist and as such they tend to look small. The way to buy a corset is by the waist size, which should be 5-7 cm smaller than your normal waist size. This is why corsets always look too small when you buy them; they have been made to fit a waist size 7.5-10 cm smaller than the “normal” clothing size. Corsets are not worn like any other piece of clothing or lingerie.

If you are new to corsets, a 5 cm reduction may be suitable, but if you are an experienced corset wearer, then 15 cm may be suitable. Remember that smaller sized women have less flexibility than a larger woman. You don’t have to tighten the laces all the way all the time, so having a bit of wiggle is fine.

If you want it tight, get the corset in your normal clothes size, if you want it a bit looser then order one or two sizes larger than your normal clothes size.

Here are some tips on how to put on a corset.

  • Open the lace-up about 20-25 cm or as wide as possible.
  • Put the corset on your back (as if putting on a belt). If the clasps can’t reach, then open the corset wider.
  • Do up the front closures. Metal clips should be fastened from the top, working each clasp towards the bottom. The looser the corset the easier it is, if you are finding it hard then undo the lace-up a bit more.
  • Get a friend to help you lace it up. Start from the top and pull the laces up tight, walk your fingers through each lace to pull it tight and keep pulling the ends tight as you go.
  • Make sure you adjust your breasts so they are being pushed up.
  • If you want to reduce your waist, make sure you tighten these laces as hard as you can. The rest of the corset should be more comfortable.
  • If you are using the corset to train your waist, then it is best to have two lots of laces, both finishing at the waist. This will allow you to adjust the top to fit your breasts and the bottom to fit your hips without loosening the tightness at the waist.


Corsets are fantastic to train the waist into a smaller size. Wear the corset as often as possible, daily if you can and pull it a bit tighter each time. Corsets are fantastic to maintain a straight back and to train yourself to sit or stand straight if you tend to slouch.

Corsets will adjust over time as the fabric and stitching will give a little bit. Just like a new pair of shoes. Once the corset has adjusted to your shape it will be very comfortable to wear.

So remember when purchasing a corset that it needs to be tight and don’t assume it won’t fit when you get it out of the packaging. You have to try it on.

If you just like the look but don’t want to wear it so tight, then order your corset 2 sizes higher than your normal size. This will ensure your corset fits like a tight top without any tightness. This YouTube video shows how to put on a corset by yourself:

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